University of Private Practice office hours

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You became a therapist because it's your calling and you find passion in helping others. You've paid your dues and now you have a desire to enter into private practice. Yikes! The thought of it scares you. Perhaps you've started the journey but feel stuck by all of the nuances of growing it or knowing how to get more clients coming in your door. Some of you have tons of clients and need to expand but not sure where to begin. You're reading and consuming everything you can get your hands on but if only you had an experienced practice owner who can answer your specific questions, provide you with resources, and most importantly, keep you from going down the wrong path. 

We got you! Kim Knight and I have faciliated the University of Private Practice for three years. Our specialties are in helping newbies and therapists who want to expand their practice. 

Lisa Savage is an experienced entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar practice. She owns the largest practice in Delaware and currently employes 35 mental health practitioners. She pioneered school-based mental health in middle and elementary schools in Delaware and has helped hundreds of professionals realize their dream of creating sustainable and financially solvent businesses. 

Kim Knight is a solopreneur with a practice that stays booked in her New York based practice. Kim is an expert in helping professionals get their online profiles tight and helps move the anxious therapist to being the confident business owner. 

Here's why you should join our UPP office hours

1.Stressless-- owning a practice can be stressful. We'll help remove the guesswork so you can avoid problems with the IRS and insurance companies.

2. Increase your revenue--I mean come on, why do this if you're not making more money? You might as well stay at the agency if your practice can't increase your income

3. Resources that you need but probably don't have.

4. Learn how to set distinguish your practice from others to assure you have a steady flow of clients.

5. Ongoing support-- we won't leave you hanging. Reach out to us after the class to get support.

6. Learn other ways to use your skills and create other revenue sources for your business.

"UPP has been one of the best investments I've made. I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa and this course. This course will be well beyond your expectations." Dr. Tasha

Online office hours start Jan. 21, 2019 @ 7pmEST via zoom

How will it work?

Each month we will offer a different topic. Each class will last for an hour. If you're unable to attend the live session, you will receive a recording to view at your convenience. 

We will limit each session to 6 folks because we want you to get as much attention as you need. That means in some instances there will be more than one session to accommodate everyone who wants to take the course. Once you have registered, you'll get your personal link to use for each live session. 

We offer individual consultation on a limited basis. If you need more than the class, let us know. We'll schedule a intro session (free) and then establish a plan to help you with your specific needs. Your success is our goal. 

Here's what $477.00 will get you:

First Class

 Monday, Jan. 21, 2019

7pm EST 

Will be recorded and emailed to all participants after the live session.

Change Your Mind, Find Success!! Steps to Getting Started in Private Practice the Right Way!

  • Learn how to manage your fear and self-doubt.
  • Get clear on your 'why"
  • Learn how to adapt an entrepreneurial mindset for greater success.
  • Get a template for creating your vision.

Nine months of training with two experts who are committed to you and your growth. Let us show you the math--

 477.00 divided by 9 = $55.00/month. Not a bad investment, right?

On the fence? We get it because sometimes investing in ourselves is a huge deal. What we do know that not investing in our growth can be frustating, too. If you're not ready, it's okay. We want you to get the best out of your experience. If you have questions or want to talk to someone who has done the UPP before, email is. We're happy to help this make sense to you. 

Upcoming Classes

All Classes will be hosted on Mondays at 7pm EST and then the recording emailed to all participants.

Feb. Open live session for questions and answers

March-- ABC's of getting started. This is for newbies who don't know where to start. We'll give you all the necessary steps to getting your doors open.

April --Get you niche, target audience, and marketing right and tight! 

May--Insurance stuff--wade through the madness and learn how to get paid accurately and quickly.

June-Turn your skills into a program, product or service. You know--the passive income stuff.

July--the most effective and ethic use of social media to grow your practice.

September-- Clinical documentation. Avoid costly audit mistakes. Learn what insurance companies are looking for when they audit your charts. 

October-- Get your books and finances in order. Live question and answer session with a professional bookkeeper and payroll expert.

November --wrap-up.