Three part training for therapists who want to expand their reach and open a group practice.

Two payments of 200.00

-How to get a group contract with insurance companies

-The nuances of billing for a group vs. an individual important elements of your infrastructure

-how to create a policies and procedures manual -provide you with a screening tool for hiring 

-provide you with a sample job description (having a good one helps to make the hiring process more manageable.) 

-Bookkeeping and payroll-- a professional accountant will cover this topic to answer all of your questions.

-Employees vs. contractors--get it right.

- How to create or cultivate your management style.

-Marketing a group practice

Buy now  2 payments of 200.00

What Others Are Saying

yaaaaas UPP has been such a great support!

M. Denns

This program completely changed my life💯. It went from an idea I shared with Lisa Savage Phillips and someone else to me having a group practice of about 20 contractors, 3 locations and growing all in less than 2 yrs. When I say good stuff.... I mean great stuff 🙌🏾 #MakeMovesNotExcuses

C. Chandler

You all better get in on this program. This program laid the foundation for me! I am so grateful to have had this program and Lisa Savage Phillips knowledge!

M. Davis

You will be billed 200.00 now and then invoiced again on March 7th. Full payment is expected for the class starts. If you'd like you can make the full payment of 400.00 now or anytime prior to the class start date of March 14, 2018