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Membership Association

Clinicians of Color was created several years ago as a safe space for BIPOC mental health providers. We were tired of the racism and exclusion in other circles. We recognize that in the BIPOC community, there is untapped talent, expertise, brilliance that often isn't seen. So we created a space for us to be seen and to elevate our respective talents. Out of Clinicians of Color --COCOA was born. COCOA--Clinicians of Color Online Learning Academy. COCOA hosts online classes for those who wish to start or grow a private practice. We provide tons of resources, ongoing support, live question and answer sessions and much more. And just a year ago, COC launched the online directory! It's been more successful than ever imagined.

Lisa and Kim want to enhance the COC community further. So on Dec. 1, 2021, they will launch the Clinicians of Color Membership Association. It will be an annual membership that comes with tons of benefits, discounts, and savings. You will get exclusive access to discounts on a number of widely used services and high ticket clinical trainings (many of which will come with a payment plan option). There will also be rebates to eligible members. So jump on the list to be one of the first to get the registration link.

Say no more. I'm in!

The doors will open in early Dec.


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Membership has its privileges.

Being self-employed can be one heck of a journey. There are many ups and downs and unpredictability. There are also never-ending expenses. If you're starting on this path, you want to limit your expenses. Even if you've been in practice for a long time, saving your coins should be your aim.

Access to training

We have partnered with trainers to offer exclusive training for association members. The training will be provided at a reasonable cost with payment plans. Access to the training will be only available to members.









Additionally, we will offer discounted monthly clinical training where members can earn up to 36 (thirty-six) continuing ed credits (NBCC and NASW) a year.

Yes, there's more!

We have also partnered with Clinicians of Color colleagues who offer training and have their own platforms and services. They have agreed to offer COC members discounts on their services as well.

More to come on stay tuned.

Fees: $260.00 annually

Join before Jan. 31, 2022 and get the introductory fee of $225.00 Remember your association fees are tax deductible. You can claim this on your 2021 taxes if you join before Dec. 31!

Access to other benefits:

Health care plan through direct Health

Life insurance

Disability insurance

Access to the following discounts/savings/benefits-

(and more to come!)

  • Verizon wireless plan for you and your employees.
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Note designer
  • Hushmail
  • Therapy notes (new accounts only)
  • Simple practice
  • Disability insurance
  • life insurance
  • Access to a financial planner
  • Brighter Vision
  • Insurance credentialing services
  • A free listing in the Clinicians of Color Directory! (normally $252.00/year) *for those paying annually only*
  • --self-care products

Rebates will be offered on the following services:

Talk Route


Bank Novo


More discounts are to be added as we continue to explore companies that provide value and are willing to support COC's mission and purpose.

*Already a member of COCOA? If you are a paying Legacy, Gold or Diamond member you will have automatic access to the Association Member benefits listed above. In addition, you will now have the option to pay annually. Annual payments will come with added savings, so stay tuned.*. This does not include a listing in the directory unless you pay the annual fee.

If you join before Dec. 31, 2021--

Everyone who joins before Dec. 31, 2021 will be entered into a raffle for one of the following items:

The latest Ipad

Apple Watch Series 7

Amazon gift card-worth 200.00

Paid training for IFS (dates TBD)

*Raffles will happen on Jan 1, 2022. You must have your registration in by Dec. 31, 2021, at midnight. *

Oh, heck yeah I'm in!